The Good Sorts Property Services team with the hang loose hand gesture and in uniform standing outside in front of the Good Sorts company van, a professional cleaning team offering commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Meet Tyson

The Good Sorts at Good Sorts is a series that brings our people out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight.

In the spotlight this week is Tyson Armstrong. Tyson recently moved back to Kelowna to be closer to his friends and family in the Okanagan. Tyson joined the team at Good Sorts a few months ago as an Account Executive. We sat down with Tyson to learn more about his story.

Tell us more about where you grew up.

I grew up here in Kelowna! West Kelowna to be exact. However, I did spend a few years in Vancouver.

What brought you back to Kelowna?

I moved away from Kelowna for a bit, but there were a few key factors that brought me back, mostly being close to my family and the opportunity to work with Kristian again. We’ve had great success working together in the past, so thought it’d be a terrific opportunity to work alongside Kristian and help grow Good Sorts.

What kept you busy before starting with the team at Good Sorts?

I’ve been around the block a bit! The most notable and most enjoyable was with Molson Coors in the lower mainland. I got to travel throughout the Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky region which was always a treat.

What sort of things do you get up to in your spare time?

I try to spend any free time I get outdoors. Summertime is usually dedicated to golfing and fishing, and in the wintertime, I play hockey and I try and get out ice fishing as much as possible.

If you could choose, what country would you take a trip to visit?

Currently, it would be Italy. I’ve been before, but my partner’s family is from the deep south in a place called Tropea, so I want to get to that region and visit her family there.

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