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Why You Should Hire an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

Creating clean and healthy workplaces doesn’t require harming the planet. If you are looking at hiring a cleaning service to assist you in maintaining your space, you may want to consider hiring a janitorial company that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning practices. 

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Eco-friendly cleaning companies try to reduce the adverse impact that their services have on the planet, and they help to keep your space safer and healthier while making sure it looks immaculate. Here are our top reasons why finding an environmentally friendly cleaning company is worth your time, investment, and effort. 

Go Digital 

Not only do green cleaning services think about their effect on the environment while they clean, but they also try to reduce their impact behind the scenes. 
Eco-friendly cleaning companies try to do all their billing, invoicing, marketing, and scheduling digitally, to reduce the amount of paper being used. Not only does using technology instead of paper help lessen their carbon footprint but it is also a more efficient way to run their business and is more convenient for their customers who are looking to minimize the amount of paper they are using. 

Swap Harmful Cleaning Products for Green Alternatives 

A lot of cleaning companies tend to use conventional cleaning products that contain toxic, hazardous, and non-biodegradable ingredients such as petroleum. However, green cleaning companies use sustainable cleaning materials that are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and have naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients. By choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service you can feel confident that they are using products that are better for the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Materials 

Since most cleaning companies use a wide variety of materials and products to complete a job, they have the potential to generate a lot of waste. Green cleaning companies use reusable items, such as rags, instead of paper towels and by using recyclable materials. By choosing a green cleaning service you are reducing our collective footprint and doing your part in protecting our planet. 

Improve Your Organizations Reputation

Nowadays consumers often consider a company’s environmental footprint before purchasing products or services. If your business has positioned itself as an environmentally friendly organization or would like to move in a greener direction, then considering an eco-friendly cleaning company is a terrific way to stay consistent with your business’s mission. 

Protect Customer and Staff Comfort  

Another benefit to hiring a sustainable cleaning service is knowing that you are protecting your staff and customers by providing a safe and comfortable environment. Most commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the earth’s environment and can lead to health problems like headaches, respiratory discomfort, and more. This can be challenging when you are trying to keep high-traffic areas and germ hotspots clean. Green cleaning products can perform just as well or even better than your standard cleaning products. A green cleaning company will avoid using any products with VOCs, so you can be assured that the products used in your space will not make you feel unwell. 

To learn more about how Good Sorts incorporates sustainable cleaning practices into our business, contact our team. 

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